Bridging Spaces works in collaboration with:

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IIRP, The International Institute for Restorative Practices
With roots in restorative justice, a way of looking at criminal justice that emphasizes repairing the harm done to people and relationships, restorative practices has the broader goal of proactively developing community, managing conflict, building relationships and increasing social capital.


Trainpals is a cooperative organization of trainers that facilitates result oriented compact and price worthy training which are all focused on 21st century skills. TrainPals-trainings offers a wide scale on training topics for personal and professional development. You are welcome to check out what we offer both as a participant as well as a future colleague.

ECHO, The Expert Centre for Restorative Justice in Education.
ECHO and its trainers have an abundance in experience and expertise pertaining to student counseling, communication en conflict resolution. Since 2003 its founders have specialized in Restorative Justice through training, participation in conferences all over the world en visiting schools and institutes in the USA, England and other countries. They are connected to the founders of the IIRP and give trainings, lectures and publish books and articles on this topic. In the Netherlands ECHO is the institute that introduces and implements Restorative Justice in schools. For this purpose we developed the educational dance-floor.

Kitty DuellKitty Duell MAS in International Mediation.
She is a NMI & IMI certified mediator and certified IIRP facilitator with a specialization in corporate, joint venture and labour conflicts and mediation pertaining to criminal law. Contact data: MediationKit, C. de Wittlaan 34, 2582 CL Den Haag, 06-54787464,,


Tylara Duncan M.Arch, AAA. L.I.D, B.I.D.
She studied with William Mc Donough and is specialized in Cradle to Cradle and the topic of sustainability in architecture and other social topics. In her own words: “Through this work experience I realized that how we communicate with each other and connect with each others intentions is key to the design success and process.” Contact details: The Netherlands Tel. 06-33705742 / Canada 1 403 229 4268

Florence KhalilJuriWijs
Florence Khalil LL.M (1964) informes you about the best legal procedures in court pertaining to your situation and supports you also by offering alternative dispute resolution choices like mediation. She has enjoyed a career as lawyer and attorney at the jurisdiction of the courts in The Hague. She is also an active certified mediator since 2000. She has a broad experience in training lawyers and judges in communication skills and interviewing techniques. Contact details: Mr. Florence Khalil, Kleefseweg 91, 6599 AB Ven-Zelderheide, Tel. 0485-516058 , Email:

Rob Assmann 2015Rob Assmann (1964)
Mindfulness trainer, intuïtieve and personal development, actieve (dance)meditations etc. Rob is a student with the Tibetan Healer and Teacher  Lama T.Y.S. Gangchen Rinpoche. He is a second degree Reiki Master and since 2010 active in family constellation work. Followed during two years the training in Nonviolent Communication and completed a 4 year training in energy therapy.

PHILLIPS-020Nadene Rogers
A veteran speaker, workshop facilitator for the past 30 years, Nadene is inspired by the belief that ‘humanity knows’ – that every individual has within them all they need, to manifest a life of joy, peace, fulfillment and meaning.

As past founding director of Calgary’s former: Shenanigans Clown School, Teens of Distinction Society and the Seniors Dreamwish Foundation, Nadene has been serving as founding executive/spiritual director of the Calgary JOY of Life Centre for Spiritual Living since its inception in 2003.

A New Thought Leader, bridging science and spirituality into the business of our lives, Nadene hosts a Radio Show called ‘Minding Our Business:’ creating a spiritual economy, weekly on Voice America.

Her whole mind approach empowers the emergent leader within us all, with spiritual intelligence principles, practices and strategies, guaranteed to ignite creativity and cultivate a deepening commitment to grow community, rich in the spirit of generosity, honor and inclusion – both inside and outside the walls of the workplace.

Nadene’s message is compelling, moving and solution oriented, focusing on the relationship we choose with ourselves, the power each of us possess to change the way we think and act to procure personal freedom and the highest possible return on our investment in both personally and professionally.