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Empathic Communication II

PC II: Insight

When you have done the 4 day basic training or an followed an equivalent (basic) training (or NVC practice group), you’re ready to join the Advanced Training. This is a 6 day training which is given over three months in the spring and 3 months in the autumn. This training aims at anchoring and deepening the skills acquired during the basic training. On top of that, each day of the Advanced Training will center around a specific theme. There is adequate time between training days to integrate what you have learned. Since the training in total is spread out over a period of 10 months it gives you plenty of space to practice with other participants and apply it in daily life. Basis for this training is the work of the American clinical psychologist Marshall Rosenberg (Non Violent Communication). You can prepare yourself for this training by reading his book: Nonviolent Communication.

What is this training like?

Every training day we’ll discuss some theory and specifically how the basis theory integrates with the specific theme of the day. This will be followed by a demonstration, illustrated by a game or exercise and end with an evaluation.

For whom is this training useful?

This training useful for those that have done a basic training and want to deepen their skills. Training will be in English. While most of the themes can also be found as individual workshops, the themes during this training will be discussed at an advanced level. For the advanced training we expect participants to have studied and practiced the material discussed during the basic training. You will be expanding and building on what you have learned in previous trainings. The skills you learn during this training can be directly applied for business or private use.

Dates, location and time

See the calendar on this site for dates and locations. Dates and locations are subject to change and will be confirmed. Unless stated otherwise each training is from 10 am to 5 pm.


Mediators can find more information about the PE program on the Mediators Training page in the menu.

Advanced Training Themes:

Day 1: Dealing with anger Anger is a powerful emotion that can scare people. Today we’ll focus on how we experience and express anger and how we can stay present and even listen to anger as a source for valuable information.

Day 2: Intimate relationships You have intimate relationships with your partner, children and family. The people who are closest to you, can also stimulate the most intense feelings in you it seems. Today we’ll focus on what it takes to be in relationship, to have boundaries, stay connected and create intimacy.

Day 3: Feedback How do you stay authentic when you want to tell someone about how you are being affected by his behavior or actions. You’ll learn not to use nicely wrapped criticism but an honest message that goes to the heart of the matter, doesn’t antagonize and meets the other with respect. This is the theme for this day.

Day 4: Empathy and self-empathy Today you’ll find out how to apply active listening not only to others but also to yourself. Really listening to yourself may be an untapped resource. Limiting ideas about what you must and should or should not do may have prevented you from accessing this information that is essential to living a fulfilling life.

Day 5: Expressing appreciation Expressing appreciation can strengthen mutual ties and deepen a relationship. But have you noticed that some people are hesitant to accept appreciation? Could it be that this depends on the way in which we express it? Today we focus on giving each other appreciation in a way that impacts our relationships in a positive way.

Day 6: When life goes upside down Shocking events can put someones life upside down in seconds. Today we focus on how to deal with this for ourselves and also how to support those around us that have been traumatized. This will put all the skills we have practiced so far to the test.


€ 820,- (6 days includes coffee, tea, manual & 1 hour intervision).

€ 975,- (6 days includes, coffee, tea, manual & 1 hour intervision). 
€ 1175,- (6 days includes coffee, tea, manual & 1 hour intervison). 
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Training / Workshop dates

* All dates are subject to change and will be confirmed on registration. Unless indicated otherwise training times are daily from 10am – 5pm.