Training summary

Communication in Relationships

Why participate in this workshop on relationships?

What makes a clock tick, an engine run and a relationship work? You may believe that “love” is enough or hold the idea that “love” should be enough. But if your experience has been that (at times) this is not so easy to achieve, you may be interested to learn more about what it takes to make a relationship work, tick like a clock and run smooth as an engine.

In this one day workshop we’ll be talking about some of the things extensive research on this topic has shown to be of importance. We believe that if you knew this it would help you in creating the relationship you long for. We will also practice some skills based on what we have found works. If you are not totally happy right now you may want to practice ways to change this. It is our experience that knowing alone is not enough but practice does make perfect!

We do not always see eye-to-eye even though we love and care about each other. Being in relationship, being together as human beings may lead to situations in which we see things differently than others do. Even though we understand that co-operation is the best way to achieve things together, our difference in seeing things may lead us in a different direction and cause us frustration, resentment and anger. Giving up what you need or going it alone instead may not be very satisfactory in relationship. This situation may cause inner stress. Over time this may build up and result in confrontation and arguments that deepen the feeling of loneliness and of being disconnected from others.

Understanding your feelings, respecting your needs and the feelings and needs of others is the way back to feeling connected, respected and being valued for who you are. Wouldn’t you like those you love and care for to understand what it is like to be in your shoes? Validation is a human need that is essential to our wellbeing. We thrive on being heard and seen and to be acknowledged for the good that we intent to do.

The way in which you communicate determines the quality of the relationships you create. When connection and co-operation is on your agenda you will find others opening up to you.

What is the training like?

During this day we’ll address the dos and don’ts of communication that will help you to express yourself more clearly. We’ll also work on listening skills. This will make it easier for you to relate to your partner and others you have a relationship with as they respond to you. We’ll also tap into the emotional experience that you have and the beliefs that you may hold that keep you from expressing yourself or cause you to express yourself in a particular way. What we’ll be aiming at is giving you an understanding of the emotional and rational workings of your communication.Understanding yourself better will give help you to create the change you wish to see in your life. Adding skills will then help you to make the next step and give you more choice in how you want to behave. Some patience with yourself will help greatly to achieve your goal.

We will introduce you to some of the theory that will help you understand what is influencing your behavior. Then a little demo will follow the theory and then you will get to practice in two’s or little groups to get the feel of it yourself. Practicing the skills this day will make you feel more confident in applying what you have learned outside this workshop. At the end of every topic we’ll do an evaluation to share what we’ve learned and answer any questions.

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€260,- (2-days includes manual, coffee and tea).
€350,-  (2 days includes manual, coffee and tea).

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Training / Workshop dates

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