Training summary

Introduction Training

During an introduction training (1 or 2 days) you will learn more about Compassionate Communication. You will gain insight in:

  • what the obstacles are that prevent the communication you want,
  • what you need to get the flow of communication back again,
  • what a neutral observation means and how to use it,
  • what it is you really need/want.

We’ll also talk about:

  • how to set and keep your personal boundaries clear without creating conflict
  • how to say no in a respectful way
  • how active listening will help you to create more connection
  • how to have difficult conversations with animosity

So what is this training about?

The American clinical psychologist Marshall Rosenberg stated some 30 years ago that the way we learn to communicate with each other is the cause for much confusion, problems and many conflicts. To change this, he developed what he calls Non Violent Communication. Personally I favor the term compassionate communication instead. Rather than identifying what it is not (not violent) I would like to focus on what we want to achieve. Compassion or empathy is than the natural result of a different way of communicating. To create a connection than is not only pleasant but also more fruitful when it comes to working together, collaboration, through better mutual understanding. The purpose of our communication is to get a message across to one another. If the way in which we communicate itself prevents us from understanding each other, it pays to take a closer look. If the phone doesn’t work properly and the message gets garbled the next logical step is to check it out. This way the next time we talk we’ll understand the message.  The introduction training is an excellent opportunity to get  familiar with compassionate communication and experience the benefits for yourself. During the training I will tell you how it works and we’ll work with live examples out of every day life. You’ll get to practice this with other participants so that at the end of the day you’ll go home with new insights and some new skills that will help you in every day life.

What is this training like?

Basically we’ll discuss some theory, do a demonstration, an exercise and end with an evaluation. This course is at an introductory level and focuses on some skills, get some inspiration and actively work with others. We’ll address the dos and don’ts of communication that will help you to express yourself more clearly. We’ll also work on listening skills. This will make it easier for you to relate to others as they respond to you. We are convinced that understanding yourself better will help you to create the change you wish to see in your life. Adding skills will then help you to make the next step and give you more choice in how you want to behave.

For whom is this training useful?

Participants who said this training was of great benefit to them were parents, teachers, couples, IT-specialists, lawyers, doctors, physiotherapists, mediators and a wide range of people in other professions who wanted a better connection with others and develop their communication skills.

Data, location and time

See our agenda on this site for dates and locations. All dates are subject to change and will be confirmed on registration. Unless indicated otherwise training times are daily from 10am – 5pm.


This training has been approved by the Dutch Mediation Institute and entitles a participant to points in the Permanent Education System. Mediators will find more information about the Permanent Education Program on the mediators page in the training menu.


€ 130,- (1 day includes coffee, tea, manual).
€ 225,- (1 day includes, coffee, tea, manual & PE points).
€ 175,- (1 day includes coffee, tea, manual ).
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This training is exempt from Dutch sales tax.

Per night
Private: € 15, – to € 25, – depending on location.

Training / Workshop dates

* All dates are subject to change and will be confirmed on registration. Unless indicated otherwise training times are daily from 10am – 5pm.

  • 04 May

    Introduction night


    7.30 – 9.30 pm $35 pp