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Re – mindfulness : How do you find stillness in the midst of a storm ?

If life with all its hustle and bustle is like a storm, how do you find peace. Sitting still is certainly an option but you may find the storm continues in your head. How do you bend with the wind without breaking? Re-mindfulness (remembering) means that we focus our attention on what we do every time the storm threatens to take over. To do so we do not have to sit still even though we do not rule that out. The skill that we are looking for is to bend like a tree in the wind and still focus relaxed attention on what you do. In one sense you might say that you slow down which then makes you more conscious of what you are engaged in and yet you will find this will also make you work more efficiently and you’ll find more peace while you move through life . This is what we ‘re going to experience this re-mindfulness day together. We’ll engage re-mindfully in a number of “activities” that will make clear to you that this is a practical application of what Thich Nhat Hanh (Mindfulness) talks about. It is an active meditation on the Nobel Eightfold Path with a focus on Right Viewing, Right Thinking and Right Speech.

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